Route Murighiol - Perișor Beach - Pearl of the Black Sea

Route description

If you want to get to a completely wild, quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of a beach on the Romanian coast, then Perișor Beach is a key place worth visiting. But why is it so special? More special than Gura Portiței?

Perișor beach is surrounded by strictly protected areas, untouched by humans, where the habitat is kept in unchanged conditions. And the routes to Perișor are not officially approved and there is no reference to this place on the website of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation Administration. Therefore, to get here you need a good guide, because only the locals know the channels through which you can reach Perișor Beach. Our guide knows how to lead you to this dream place. And so you will see a large part of Danube Delta, with its unforgettable richness. Thus, you will enjoy on a single route the Delta and the sea together.

When you reach Perișoru Beach, you can’t help but notice the authentic charm it has. You wonder how the divine force has drawn this corner of heaven that birds enjoy freely. If you choose this special place, it means that you are one of the people who appreciate wild nature, its strength and the wonders it creates. The atmosphere is dizzying. This narrow strip of land has an exotic air similar to a beach in the Caribbean or Greece, only Perișoru beach is completely designed by Mother Nature.

The entrance to the water is surprisingly smooth and you can go over 50 meters offshore to reach the depth of a man’s stature. There are no potholes or rocks; you will just feel a very fine sand under your feet. You will bathe in clean and clear water, and then the trees on the shore will bring you shade. You will be able to see a variety of birds, given that there are only strictly protected areas around, untouched by humans.

I think you’ve already imagined what this trip will look like. But come and see with your own eyes and have a very special holiday!