Route Caraorman - Black Forest from Delta

Route: Murghiol - Caraorman
Duration: to Caraorman: 2 h • Forest visit: 1 h 30 • Traditional mea: 1 h • Return trip: 1 h 20
Price: 150 lei/pers *Meals and visits to the forest are paid separately.

Route description

Caraorman is a settlement right in the middle of the Danube Delta. And in Turkish means Black Forest. Coincidentally or not, the Danube springs from the Black Forest Mountains. Thus, the adventurous journey of the Danube through the European continent finds its symmetry elegantly, due to this name that Caraorman bears.

The Caraorman levee, where the forest and the village of the same name are located, was part of the initial land cord that blocked Tulcea Bay 8000 years ago. Over time, this cord of sand and alluvium split into two large levees: Caraorman and Letea. That is why Caraorman and Letea have a lot in common in terms of flora and fauna, but there are also many differences. Therefore, if you do not have much time for a day trip to Letea, then the route proposed by us to Caraorman reaches points of interest that will surely arouse your curiosity.

On the way to the Black Forest in the heart of the Danube Delta, visit the most exotic places that exist in our country. Our guide knows the most spectacular corners, so the whole trip to Caraorman will be a real pleasure. Once there, the houses of Lipovans and Ukrainians or Hahols are well preserved and you can walk on the streets of a traditional Delta village. You will join a simple and welcoming community.

If you come with the family, children will surely be delighted by the safari mood when you drive through the Caraorman forest. Here you are amazed how the landscape alternates between desert with sand dunes and subtropical forest with vines, wild vines and all kinds of plants you have never seen. If you come in the spring, you have the opportunity to see even wild orchids. However, the main point is the kneeling oak, approx. 400 years. An entire forest of oaks growing out from the sand is a very unusual thing. The trees join their crowns and create real green tunnels. If you are careful, you can see the White-tailed Eagle or the Black Woodpecker. Here you discover another world, from which you will gain with the most vivid memories. When you return to the village, you have the opportunity to taste specialties prepared even by the locals. Specific storceag or carp and crucian snacks as only Lipovans know how to cook. Indeed a journey for all the senses.

Don't wait! Come and discover the Black Forest from the Danube Delta.