Route 6 lakes - Labyrinths and hidden lakes

Route: Murighiol Port, Sf. Gheorghe old arm, Uzlina village, Uzlina canal, Uzlina Lake, Cabluata Lake, Clisciova Lake, Durnoleapca Lake, Isăcel Lake, Isac Lake and return
Duration: 2 h 30'
Price: 100 lei/pers

Route description

Murighiol is the nearest gateway to the heart of the Delta. The biggest advantage is that you can get here by car very easily. Right from the Murighiol harbor, we start our journey. Together with our guide, we suggest you to discover the gardens of the Delta, full of mystery and delight.

We cross the old Sf. George's channel and slowly enter a special mood that only Delta offers us. The deltaic landscape guides you to reconnect with nature and purify your mind and body. It refreshes you with the cleanest air that we all long for. The silence here means healing and disconnection from a hectic world.

We cross the Uzlina channel, like a narrow path that leads to a large garden. This time a water garden - Lake Uzlina. Among the reeds, white and yellow water lilies, on the branches, on the plains, you start to see birds of all colors, some more playful, others elegant and full of grandeur.

Now you know it was a great idea to choose to travel through the gardens of the Delta. A true paradise with over 331 species of birds, of which 9 species are declared monuments of nature, including the Red-necked Goose and the Dalmatian Pelican. Therefore, here you can enjoy wonderful birdwatching sessions. Every lake you are going to admire is a real stage where you see the most beautiful show of nature, with its rituals and the stories of every wild creature.

On this route you will discover hidden lakes and water labyrinths, all part of the Delta gardens - places you will never forget.

We are waiting for you on this journey. Are you ready?