Murighiol - Sf. Gheorghe route: The old channel of the Danube

Route: Murighiol - Sf. Gheorghe Arm - Sf. Gheorghe village
Duration:• Departure between 9:00 - 10:00 in the morning. Return around 6:30 p.m.
Price: 150 lei/pers *Meals are paid separately.

Route description

A holiday in the Danube Delta comes with strong emotions, especially because you will be in the middle of a new landscape. But put your worries aside and reconnect with nature. We thought about this route to St. Gheorghe for your relaxation and the peace that the place offers you. Because at the mouth of the delta you can find peace as you have never encountered it.

Compared to Sulina, Sf. Gheorghe offers a homely mood, of well-being. Because time there has another dimension. To get to Sfântu we cross the Danube Delta on the channel with the same name. The oldest and longest channel of the Danube, but also the most winding. It is like a dance that takes you all over the Delta until you get to its mouth. You will see pelicans, egrets, cormorants flying and slowly discover the rhythm of the Delta.

Once there, you walk on the sandy streets of the fishermen village and you gradually discover the soul of this place. The houses have wooden signs on the roof - either a horse, a pelican or a fish. You just have to be inspired by the creativity of the villagers and you will find out many stories. But the best story will surely tickle your taste buds, because nothing is better than storceag, a fish borscht or a brine traditionally prepared here, either by the locals or at the restaurant. There are also terraces in the village where tasty food is served and where the prices are sometimes more affordable than on the seaside resorts.

Why so many fish dishes? There were times when the Ukrainians in Sf. Gheorghe were extremely poor and had nothing to eat. It happened right after World War II. At that time, water chestnut and sturgeon saved many from starvation. They adapted the recipes in such a way as to satisfy all tastes. They made cod liver pie, tarts and cakes with fish or caviar. Many of the recipes from past are still preserved. It's worth trying a few specialties.

Moreover, you will have time to discover the famous beach of Sfântu Gheorghe. Wild, one of the few left, with fine, shiny sands. In the distance, you can see wild horses or the cows of the villagers who come here to drink water. But what is truly spectacular is that at the edge of the beach, you will see how the Danube flows into the sea. Basically, you are one step away from the Black Sea and another step away from Danube Delta. And look, you admire both of them - the only place where you can do that.

Let's go to Sfântul Gheorghe, this village that has kept its deltaic charm!