Route 8 lakes – On the footsteps of old pirates

Route: Murighiol Port, Sf. Gheorghe old branch, Uzlina village, Uzlina canal, Uzlina lake, Cabluata lake, Clisciova lake, Japșa Vostojnaia, Durnoleapca lake, Isăcel lake, Isac 1 canal, Litcov canal, Potcoava lake, Gorgova lake, Gorgova canal , Filat canal, Sf. Gheorghe old arm, Murighiol * We will return on a different route
Duration: 3 h 30'
Price: 120 lei/pers

Route description

Before we start, we have a question: When was the last time you saw the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador? We don't know if you've had the opportunity to travel so far. But now on the route of the 8 lakes, you can see a paradise similar to these places. Everything is so close to you. It's a great chance! The biodiversity of the Danube Delta is close to that of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Islands. Sources say that the Danube Delta ranks 3rd with over 5,000 species of plants and animals identified so far. You have the opportunity to see many of the most exotic birds in our country, plants you did not know existed, wild animals and a variety of fish.

And the route of the 8 lakes, named by us - On the footsteps of the old pirates - invites you deeper and deeper into the heart of the Delta. This rich diversity of the Delta overlaps the route of the ancient pirates, where the stories say that they made their hiding places. You may be wondering what the pirates were looking for in the Delta. Weren't they robbing just on the sea? They did. The action took place on the sea, but the catch was best hidden in the Delta. With its reeds, swamps, waters that rise or dry out depending on the season and that make new lands disappear or appear, the Danube Delta was a good hiding place.

And where pirates hide their treasures, Delta hides its wealth. That is why the chain of lakes we visit offers the best birdwatching sessions. And on the longest channel of the Danube - the Litcov channel - you can see the traditional fishing huts. You have the opportunity to see the way of life of traditional fishermen, to be inspired by their craft and to wonder why they chose the Litcov channel. For strategic fishing spots? Or for the mysterious stone road hidden under water near Lake Gorgova?

There are so many legends that give our journey a touch of mystery. You will learn more from our guide. What is certain is that you will have a real safari, but without crocodiles. This is the gift of the Delta. We can enjoy the beauty of nature without being in danger, as would happen in the Amazon Delta, for example.

The surprise of this route is the maze of water lilies on Lake Potcoava, but also the return home. We will return on another route, so you will have the opportunity to discover… But we better let you go ahead with the story.

Come with us in the boat. We are waiting for you!