Route 4 lakes - The labyrinth of waters

Route description

Our journey starts right from the Murighiol harbor, picturesque and close to the heart of the Delta. From here, we start on the old Sf. George’s channel, which gradually brings us in a good mood. We soon see the village of Uzlina. Historical sources show that the village of Uzlina was for 200 years a prosperous community of Lipovan fishermen who were engaged in fishing and animal husbandry. It is the last human settlement before we explore the water empire. The name of the village is of Slavic origin and means joint, because it is at the crossroads of waterways.

We cross the Uzlina channel, which is like a narrow path that leads to a meadow. This time a meadow of waters – Lake Uzlina. You look into the distance and see the green reeds that surrounds the lake like a ring. The clean air and the fresh smell revitalize our senses. We see a narrow corridor of water lilies that leads to Lake Durnoleapca and we head to these labyrinths of water. A real safari.

Yellow and white water lilies, dragonflies in thousands of colors, frogs and tree frogs, all have their role in these places untouched by too many eyes. That’s why when you come to the Delta you feel special. Because Delta gives you thousands of gifts every moment. In a blink, you can see a playful Kingfisher on a branch or a heron in his gray tailcoat doing his knight dance. Look! A loon is just doing what he knows best: diving for fish.

Each lake in the labyrinth invites you to the nature show. Everything is revealed to you without limits. Due to the ban on hunting in recent years, birds are unhindered by the presence of humans. Thus, the most enchanting rituals of nature will surprise you. At the end, we go home relaxed and full of enthusiasm. We have stories to tell and wonderful memories to cherish.

Come with us in the boat to discover the labyrinths of the Delta together!