Route 4 lakes - Hidden lakes

Route description

In Murighiol harbor we embark on our boat and start our journey that lasts as long as a good movie. However, this time all your senses will be delighted. Moreover, the main characters, swans and egrets, are waiting for you with the most graceful dances. But before you see them, we pass through the old Sf. George’s channel and be ready to feel the atmosphere of the Delta.

With every willow left behind, you put your thoughts aside and live into the present. We soon see Lake Uzlina. After the narrow channel left behind, the greatness of the lake seems surprising. It feels cool and fresh. Only a strip of greenery can be seen on the horizon. The sky is reflected on the water and gives you the impression that the lake is one with the infinite blue.

Uzlina is a lake loved by pike fishermen, but in our story it has a different role. It is the gateway to hidden lakes. Along with our guide you enter the narrow channels guarded by reeds and rushes. Real forests through which, if you are lucky, you can glimpse bird nests or wild ducks with ducklings. Thus, we pass on Cabluata Lake, one of the little known lakes. Here you can see the swan colonies, if you are lucky. Their pure white contrasts with the raw green of the reed. This is the elegance and richness of the Danube Delta.

We leave Lake Cabluata behind and enter again on a narrow corridor, on which you can see large bouquets of water lilies embracing each other. Lake Clisciova, isolated, with a special beauty, does not find its name on the maps. It is said that the name of the lakes comes from the names of fishermen who knew all the secrets of these waters. The last place we visit is Japșa Vostojnaia. Surprised by this hidden and isolated beauty, we return home with a smile on our face and the energy of nature in our souls.

Come with us and write your story of the journey to the hidden lakes!